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Gen Rees-Carter

Hey there!

Hi there, My name is Gen, and I’m a vegan nutritionist and mum of 2 vegan boys.

I use a mixture of science and psychology to make it easy for busy families to go vegan, and stay healthy. On my site you’ll find uncomplicated, science backed nutrition information, and delicious family friendly recipes that I use to feed my own family.

So whether you’re vegan, plant based, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just curious, I can’t wait to work with you!

Gen xx

“My son was iron deficient so that was what brought me to your site to try and find ways of boosting his snacks and overall nutrition. He loves the chocolate chickpea slice and the iron rich breakfast slice. My pantry now includes besan, quinoa flakes, cacao and nutritional yeast. After reading your posts I don’t worry about him getting enough protein anymore although iron is something I have to continue to think about. So a big thank you!”

“The nutrition assessment was thorough, practical and so reassuring. Highly recommended for any vegan child. I’ve studied lots of general resources though the personalised nature of the assessment gave me specific and practical steps to support me to ensure my son is meeting and continues to meet his nutrition requirements. The process was easy and the advice was supportive while being clear. Thank you Gen”