About Me

Hi there,

My name is Gen, and I'm a vegan nutritionist.

But more importantly, I'm a mum to 6 and 10 year old boys.

After spending years being utterly bewildered by all the conflicting information out there about vegan diets for kids, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go back to uni to find out about nutrition for myself.

These days I have a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition, and I know for absolute sure that a vegan diet is the best thing for my family's health (not to mention the animals are pretty happy with my decision, and so's the planet…).

I've started WithExtraVeg to help busy families go vegan and stay healthy. I know how overwhelming it can be to try to figure out how to feed your family on a vegan diet.

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

  1. As well as a nutritionist, I'm also an engineer, and I used to work on the Electronic Warfare systems on Submarines (that's always a great conversation starter at parties!).
  2. My favourite way to exercise is boxing – I love how it makes me feel so strong!
  3. I love to travel, and as a kid I always wanted to visit every country in the world. So far I've managed the US, India, Singapore, Indonesia and East Timor. . As soon as covid settles down, I'll be adding a travel blog to the site!
  4. I love the ocean. Whenever I'm stressed I always head to the beach to ground myself.
  5. I once dyed my hair dark brown (permanently!). Not my best decision! Let's just say the bright red roots didn't work well in my passport photo….