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Easy Vegan Lasagne

Easy Vegan Lasagne

This vegan lasagne recipe is my go to recipe when I’m really looking for some heavy duty comfort food. I actually call it my “husband’s away” lasagne. My husband travels occasionally for work, so I always make sure that I make up a big batch of this before he goes […]

Nut Free Vegan School Lunchbox Snacks
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8 Nut Free Vegan School Lunchbox Snacks

It’s back to school here in Australia, and that means it’s also back to school lunches. Ugh. I think figuring out school lunches would be possibly the worst part of school (apart from possibly school traffic….). To make matters worse, both my kids’ schools are nut free this year, too. […]

Vegan Salad
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How Do I Stop the Bloating?

So today I’m going to talk about something that is reeeeaally common for new vegans, and it’s something that new vegans may not feel 100% comfortable talking about. Bloating. Have you started a vegan diet, or even just added more veggies and beans to be healthier? And now you’re you’re […]

Turmeric Overnight Oats

Turmeric Overnight Oats

Today I am giving you one of my favourite on the go weekday breakfasts – Turmeric Overnight Oats. I’m really not good a t mornings, so I love that you can make up a batch of overnight oats and keep them in the fridge, so that breakfast is sorted. If […]

Vegan Mango Summer Smoothie
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Vegan Mango Summer Smoothie

This Vegan Mango Summer Smoothie is great to use up any extra mangoes you have lying around in summer. You can even use frozen mango to get that summer feel if it’s a bit colder for you. One of the great things about smoothies is that you can use slightly […]

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10 Tips to Go Vegan

I’m so excited to see all the new people trying out a vegan diet with the new year. It’s really cool to see it becoming more mainstream for people to eat less (or give up) meat and dairy products. A vegan diet can be a huge change for people, and […]

7 Day Vegan Meal Plan Covr
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7 Day Beginner Vegan Meal Plan

How easy would it be to go vegan if all of your meals were all planned out? The Free 7 Day Beginner Vegan Meal Plan gives you 7 Days of easy family friendly recipes to make your transition to a vegan diet easy. Kid Friendly recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and […]

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Vegan Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice is a great traditional Christmas treat that you can make for yourself, or box up as a gift to friends and family. With vegan condensed milk now available in supermarkets, we vegans don’t have to miss out on this Christmas classic anymore! This recipe is no cook, so […]