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Vegan Rum Ball Brownies

These Vegan Rum Ball Brownies make the perfect dessert to bring to a Christmas Party. They combine the Christmas flavours of Rum Balls with delicious fudgy chocolate brownies. These brownies are based on my delicious Oil Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe. They use vegan Scotch Finger Biscuits, coconut and rum to […]

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Avocado and Mango Summer Salad

This Avocado and Mango Summer Salad is perfect for a Summer BBQ, or Christmas get together. Made with avocado, mango, and drizzled with a creamy sweet mustard dressing, this salad will be the most popular side at your next BBQ! I love the summer tastes of mango and avocado. I […]


Vegan Mint and Ricotta Green Pea Salad

This Vegan Mint and Ricotta Green Pea Salad tastes great hot or cold, so it makes a perfect Christmas side no matter where you are! Vegan Almond Ricotta, lemon and mint are an easy way to dress up an otherwise boring side dish of green peas. You can make your […]

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Crispy Bread Topped Mac and Cheese

When I’m planning my menu for Christmas Day, I like to make sure I’m using the oven as little as possible. Not only is it really hot to use here in Australia, there is just only so much space in an oven! Unless you’re lucky enough to have a double […]


Lemon Thyme Roast Potatoes

My absolute favourite Christmas side dish is roast potatoes. Every year, I try out a different recipe, and this year I’ll be making these Lemon Thyme Roast Potatoes. It is such a simple recipe, but the Thyme salt makes these potatoes taste amazing. I love potatoes as a side dish, […]

Christmas, Dessert

Vegan Mango Semifreddo

This Vegan Mango Semifreddo recipe combines delicous summer mango, with tangy cream cheese in an easy make ahead frozen dessert. I love making frozen desserts for Christmas Day. They’re perfect because you can make them the day ahead. Then, when you’re tired and sick of cooking after your amazing main […]

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies
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Oil Free Christmas Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are one of those recipes that epitomise Christmas. The warm spices just shout Christmas is here! What list of recipes would be complete without a yummy Gingerbread Cookie recipe? Not only are these delicious cookies vegan, they’re also oil free, and full of healthy ingredients (well, mostly… It […]