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Vegan Gingerbread Baked Pancake

This Gingerbread Baked Pancake is perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning. Growing up, we always used to have pancakes for breakfast on Christmas morning. We’d all open our presents, and then enjoy yummy pancakes together. The only problem was that one of my parents used to have to go and […]

Vegan Chocolate Pie
Dessert, Holiday Recipes

Vegan Chocolate Pie

This Vegan Chocolate Pie was a request from a friend in the US. Sweet pies like these don’t seem to be very common in Australia, and I certainly hadn’t ever tasted one before. I asked for more clarification, and the description he gave me was for a pie that was […]

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Vegan Mini Toast Canapes

Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you can’t have cute canapes at your next party! This post gives you two delicious topping ideas for an old party favourite – mini toasts. The first topping is a delicious spring themed mix of green peas, cream cheese, mint and lemon. The flavours […]

Dessert, Holiday Recipes

Vegan Rum Ball Brownies

These Vegan Rum Ball Brownies make the perfect dessert to bring to a Christmas Party. They combine the Christmas flavours of Rum Balls with delicious fudgy chocolate brownies. These brownies are based on my delicious Oil Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe. They use vegan Scotch Finger Biscuits, coconut and rum to […]

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Avocado and Mango Summer Salad

This Avocado and Mango Summer Salad is perfect for a Summer BBQ, or Christmas get together. Made with avocado, mango, and drizzled with a creamy sweet mustard dressing, this salad will be the most popular side at your next BBQ! I love the summer tastes of mango and avocado. I […]