So, You Think Vegan Food is Expensive?

Every week, your grocery bill seems to be getting higher. You want to be vegan, but you just can’t afford the cheese… or the Beyond Burgers! 

A vegan diet can actually be the cheapest diet around…. You just need to know how to do it… 

And no, it won’t take hours in the kitchen. 

What's inside?

14 Day Budget Meal Plan

Fully planned delicious meal plans that will feed your family for $100 per week (and won't take hours in the kitchen!)

Shopping List

A complete shopping list to get all everything from your local supermarket - no crazy ingredients!

50+ Budget Recipes

Over 50 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that your kids will actually eat

Tips and Tricks

I'll teach you how to find ways to make your meals even cheaper, and keep your grocery bill down every week.

So How Do I Know?

When I switched to a vegan diet a few years ago, suddenly my grocery bill went through the roof. I was spending $1000s a month on food.

I had heard so many stories about how a vegan diet is super cheap. But I had no idea how to do it without eating beans and rice all week. Talk about boring! And there was no way my fussy kids would eat that!

I seriously had to figure out how to make this work (or get a much higher paying job!).

After much research and experimentation, I finally came up with a bunch of quick and easy budget friendly recipes that my kids actually loved (yes, it is actually possible). I also managed to put a meal plan together so that I wasn’t using 50 new ingredients per meal. AND I figured out how to make a cheap vegan cheese taste great! (I know, right?)

And then, I put it all together for you in the Vegan Budget Meal Plan Ebook. This ebook gives you the exact meal plan that I follow to get my food bill under $100 per week. Plus there’s also an extra 30 recipes so that you can switch up the meal plan and use it again and again. 

No more $1000 grocery bills! 

“The ebook is easy to follow, has substitutions for various ingredients if needed and is presented in a simple manner both in making the recipes and shopping for ingredients. It was hard to choose which delicious sounding recipe to try first and I chose the Lentil Bolognese.I included the extra tips of adding Italian herbs and topping with vegan parmesan, both highly recommended additions.I found the recipe was easy to follow, easy to make and thoroughly enjoyed by four adults who shared the meal. Luckily we have leftovers so we can enjoy it again. I’m looking forward to trying the Baked bean toasties and Shepherds Pie next. I rate this eBook 5 stars!”


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