The Complete Vegan Kids Nutrition Package

This is for the busy vegan mums out there, who worry about whether their kids can really be healthy on a vegan diet

  • You worry that there’s no way that your kids could be getting enough iron on their nuggets and chips diet, but there’s no way you could give them meat.
  • Your child’s GP insisted that your kids need dairy milk for calcium, which you’re pretty sure is not true, but you still want to make sure they’re getting enough calcium.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the vegan nutrition information out there, and just want clear answers on how to make sure your kids are healthy.
  • Your kids have been diagnosed with low iron, and you have no idea how to increase their iron levels other than just giving them a supplement
  • Or maybe you’ve been given a list of high iron vegan foods, but you’ve got absolutely no idea how to actually get your kids to eat anything on it. 

If that sounds like you, then my Vegan Kids Nutrition Package is for you!

Together we’ll come up with a clear, actionable plan to make sure your kids are getting all the nutrition they need from their vegan diet, based on foods you know they’ll actually eat, that fits in with your lifestyle, with the ongoing support you need to make sure it happens.

Step 1

I’ll do a full analysis of what your kids are eating right now, and tell you which nutrients they’re getting enough of, and which ones they’re missing out on, so you’ll know exactly which nutrients you need to focus on.

Step 2

We’ll have an online 1:1 session, where I’ll give you strategies to increase those missing nutrients, based on the foods that your kids like, and happily eat. You’ll have a clear plan on how to get their nutrition back on track that takes into consideration how much time you have, what your family is used to eating, and what your kids are happy to eat.

Step 3

You’ll have plenty of new recipes to try on your kids, with 12 months access to my index of over 500 nutrient boosted kid friendly vegan recipes. There’s everything from iron boosted choc chip cookies, to high iron pizza, and even ice cream, so you’ll find something for even the fussiest of eaters!

With 1 Month of Support

And if you need any extra help, or have any other questions after the session, you’ll have access to 1 month of email support

When you work with me, there’s

  • No vague, generic charts of “high iron foods” with no help on how to get your plain pasta and jam sandwiches loving child to actually eat them!
  • No leaving your kids to starve if they don’t finish their bowl of beans and veggies.
  • And no fancy, expensive superfoods powders and shakes. 

“The nutrition assessment was thorough, practical and so reassuring. Highly recommended for any vegan child. I’ve studied lots of general resources though the personalised nature of the assessment gave me specific and practical steps to support me to ensure my son is meeting and continues to meet his nutrition requirements. The process was easy and the advice was supportive while being clear. Thank you Gen”


What You Get

Vegan Kids Nutrition Package

  • Full nutritional analysis of your child’s diet using leading nutritional software to assess whether your child is getting all the nutrition they need. 
  • 45 minute 1:1 session to discuss the assessment results, and then come up with a plan on how to make sure your kids are getting the missing nutrients, based on foods they like.
  • 12 months access to over 500 nutrient boosted, kid friendly Vegan Recipes.
  • 1 month email support.

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Gen Rees-Carter

About Me!

Hey there,

My name is Gen. I’m a vegan nutritionist, with a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition.

While I enjoy all aspects of vegan nutrition, my favourite part is using food psychology to help make a vegan diet easier for vegan families – whether it’s by coming up with ways to boost their kids’ favourite foods with the extra nutrients they need, or by teaching systems to make cooking healthier food for the whole family easier and faster.

I love the look of relief I see on parents’ faces when they realise that a healthy vegan diet for their family is so much easier than they thought!

So if you’d like to work with me to make a healthy vegan diet a reality for your family, sign up below!