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Are you finding it hard to come up with new and exciting lunchbox recipes for your kids?

The Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collection means:

No More

Spending hours searching the internet for new recipes that your kids will actually eat

Wasting money on expensive vegan food that comes home uneaten

Standing in the health food aisle looking desperately for nut free and vegan lunchbox snacks

Worrying about your kids getting enough nutrients – every recipe has a full nutrition break down, including protein, iron, calcium and zinc.  

What’s Inside the Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collection?

Over 100 Yummy, Kid Friendly Lunchbox Recipes Developed by a Vegan Nutritionist

Nut Free Recipes

All of the recipes are Vegan and Nut Free, with extra tips to go Gluten Free

Access Anytime

The Recipe Collection is all online, so you can access it from anywhere, anytime

Full Nutrition Info

Know your  kids are getting important nutrients like iron, protein, calcium and zinc

Fully Searchable

Make recipes with the ingredients in your cupboard by searching for ingredients in recipes

Take a Look Inside!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Gen, and I’m a vegan nutritionist who specialises in nutrition for kids and families.

I have two kids – a fussy 4 year old, and an 8 year old with food issues. So I know how hard it is to make healthy lunches that your kids will actually eat! 

When I went vegan, I was so worried about having to make my kids school lunches. I wanted them to be healthy, yummy, and not take forever to make. To start with, my eldest had a peanut butter sandwich, oat slice, berries and veggie sticks. But then he started coming home asking for the same types of food as the other kids. So I went scrambling to figure out what else I could make. 

Then he hit primary school, and it was nut free. Yes, nut free. I was suddenly hitting next level vegan. How was I going to cope without nuts? We’re vegan. We have nuts in everything! Once again, I went searching for more recipe ideas. 

Then one day I was at a class catch up, and the fact that we’re vegan came up in conversation. At first everyone was incredulous, and thought I was insane… And then someone asked me what my kids actually had in their school lunches. 
I took a deep breath. “Um… they normally have  pizza, muffins, muesli bars, chocolate hummus…” 

Suddenly everyone was begging me to make their kids’ lunches too! So much for vegan lunches being the boring ones, right? Suddenly my vegan kid was the one with the cool lunchbox! 

Well, I can’t make your kids lunches for you, but I can do the next best thing!

I’ve put together my kids’ favourite recipes so that your kids can have the best lunches in the playground too! 

Recipes Include: 

  • Pizza
  • Salads
  • Quiches
  • Sandwich Toppings
  • Quesadillas
  • Dips and Spreads
  • Veggie Patties
  • Muffins
  • Muesli Bars
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Protein Balls
  • Sweet Dips
  • Granolas

And more…..


Are the Recipes Nut Free?

Yes! All of the recipes are nut free, or come with tips on how to make them nut free. 

Are the Recipes Gluten Free?

About a quarter of the recipes are straight out gluten free, and I’ve included a comprehensive guide with information on how to make many of the other recipes gluten free. You can make many of the baked recipes gluten free by substituting a gluten free flour blend. 

Are the Recipes Healthy?

The recipes have been developed by a Vegan Nutritionist to focus on important nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, and zinc. They are packed full of veggies, legumes and wholegrains. 

What Age Group Are the Recipes For?

These recipes are really for all ages (even adults!). The recipes include veggie and bean patties, sandwiches, salads, quiches, dips, muffins, muesli bars, protein balls, and much more. As you can see, there’s really something for everyone!

Is This an Ebook?

No, the Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collecion is not an ebook. I found that I kept losing track of all of the recipe ebooks I’d bought in the past, and it was so hard to remember which page the recipes were on. So, we’ve gone digital, and the Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collection is all online. 

Can I Search the Collection by Ingredient?

Yes, you can search all of the recipes by ingredient and by recipe. Plus all of the recipes are categorised so they’re easy to find. 

Do I Have to Keep Paying for Access?

No, you just make a one off payment for the Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collection, and you have lifetime access. 

Vegan Lunchboxes Can Be Easy

Yes, really! You really can have healthy lunchboxes that actually come home empty every afternoon. No more throwing away good food. 

So start making lunches easy and get the Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Collection

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