Vegan Freezer Friendly Sandwich Fillings for School Lunches

Vegan Lunchbox Sandwiches You Can Freeze

When parents are thinking about making school lunches, they often forget that there are plenty of options for vegan sandwiches that you can freeze ahead. That’s right. You can actually make up a pile of sandwiches for the week, stick them in the freezer, and then just grab them each morning. That’s right. The freezer isn’t just for freezing casseroles and stews. You can also freeze the humble sandwich!

So, what are the options?

Now, not every vegan sandwich filling is freezer friendly. I certainly don’t recommend putting together an avocado and salad roll and freezing it for later…. But there are more freezable vegan sandwich options than you’d think.

Vegan Freezer Sandwich Fillings

First up is the vegan favourite – Hummus. Yep, I didn’t quite believe this one myself until I threw some Hummus sandwiches in the freezer. They tasted exactly the same once they’d defrosted! And don’t think your freezable lunchbox sandwiches are limited to just plain Hummus. There are so many different flavours available, you’ll be sure to find one your kids love!

Chocolate Hummus – Okay, this is technically just another flavour of Hummus… But I bet your kids won’t think that! It makes a great vegan chocolate spread option, and it’s much healthier than any nutella variant!

Jam – many people overlook this humble sandwich spread. But jam is a great option if you’re looking for nut free easy sandwich ideas, especially for younger kids.

Peanut Butter – If your kids don’t go to a nut free school, then peanut butter is a great sandwich spread that freezes really well. Cashew and almond butter are both other really great options, but obviously they all contain nuts, so are a no go if your kids can’t take nuts to school.

Vegan Lunchmeat – There are a number of different vegan “ham” and “chicken” options in the supermarkets these days. I’m not a huge fan of having these sandwiches every day because they are quite high in sodium, but they’re great for a change. You can also add a smear of vegan mayo for extra flavour, Plus check out my tips down below for adding in some salad.

Vegan Cheese – You can freeze vegan cheese plain in sandwiches, or you can freeze it melted. I freeze melted vegan cheese in lunches all the time. I do quesadillas, pizza toasties, or just plain pizza (which is basically just a sandwich without the top layer if you think about it!).

How to Make Freezer Sandwiches More Interesting

These sandwich options can seem a bit boring… So how can you dress them up? Well, one easy option is to add salad. If you’ve got a cheese or vegan ham sandwich in the freezer, you can add some lettuce, cucumber and carrot in the morning for a cheese and salad sandwich.

Tips to Make Sure Your Frozen Sandwiches Taste Great

Here are my tips to make sure your vegan freezer sandwiches taste great (because there’s nothing worse than a stale, freezer burnt sandwich…).

  • Use fresh ingredients. Try to use a fresh loaf of bread for your sandwiches.
  • Seal them up properly. I always make sure I wrap up the sandwiches properly, and then store them in a sealed zip lock bag. I reuse the ziplock bags each time so that I’m not throwing away plastic every week. Just rinse them out, and then let them dry before you use them again.
  • Add Salad ingredients after freezing. Unfortunately ingredients with lots of water like lettuce, tomato and cucumber don’t freeze well. But you can easily add them in the morning before school.
  • Cut up your sandwiches before you freeze them. If your kids are like mine, and don’t like their crusts, then make sure you cut them off before you freeze them! It is much easier than trying to cut up a solid sandwich in the morning before school!

Looking for More Freezable Lunchbox Recipes?

What else can you freeze? There are heaps of different recipes that you can make and freeze for school lunches. Some of my favourites are Banana Muffins, Nut Free Muesli Bars, or even Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls.

I’ve also put together an ebook of my 5 most popular Nut Free Vegan Lunchbox Recipes. You can get your free copy here.

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