On the go Vegan Breakfasts

On the Go Vegan Breakfasts

I am not a morning person. I can, and do, quite often stay up very late at night working, but I seriously struggle with mornings.

Trouble is, I also have two kids, and these said children both go to school. By some stroke of bad luck and poor planning, we have even managed to send our kids to schools that start really early. My eldest’s school starts a full 45 minutes before the other schools in the area. Go figure.

So the rather unlucky combination of my morning hating and early school starts has meant that I need to come up with some rather epic ways to save time in the morning. Thus enabling me to delay getting out of bed for as long as possible.

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As an aside, my eldest shares my hatred for mornings, so any time saving strategies that I devise for myself need to apply for him, too.

So sure, I get my clothes ready the night before, and pack bags in the evening so they’re waiting to go the next day, but the most efficient time saver I’ve found is to stop having breakfast at home. Instead, we eat ours in the car. It saves a good 15 minutes, and gives us just that little bit extra sleep (It’s amazing what an extra 15 minutes can do…).

Now, when you and your kids are eating breakfast in the car, it’s really important that it isn’t messy. After much experimentation, I have found that the most portable and least messy breakfast options are Breakfast Bars and Smoothies.

I particularly love Breakfast Bars because you can make them on the weekend, then divide them up into single servings to pick up each morning. Then breakfast is served literally as you head out the door.

Smoothies are a great option too, although they take a little more effort in the mornings. I normally throw everything in the blender, and then serve up in a smoothie cup for the car. An important thing to remember here is that the cup needs a well sealing lid. It’s also really handy to get something that doesn’t take too much effort to clean, because smoothie cleaning can be hard.

So here I give you my 4 Favourite On-The-Go Kid Friendly Breakfast recipes.

Kid friendly breakfast slice - vegan, iron rich

Breakfast Slice

There is a reason this is my most popular recipe. It is super easy to make up a batch, and the recipe makes enough to last the week. The recipe is also incredibly versatile. You can make it nut free or gluten free, or even just with whatever nuts and seeds you have in the cupboard.

This Breakfast Slice also freezes well. I normally make it and then cut it up and store it in the freezer for the week.

White Bean Muesli Bars

White Bean Muesli Bars

This recipe is great, because it includes legumes, which can be a tricky ingredient to include for breakfast. I love the extra protein boost from the beans, and trust me, you can’t taste them.

Hidden Veg Chocolate Smoothie

Super Veg Chocolate Smoothie

I love that this chocolate smoothie is packed full of veggies, but you could never tell. It is a filling smoothie, that will keep you full for hours. If you’re making this recipe for multiple people, you may need to double the recipe.

Chocolate Bean Smoothie

Chocolate Bean Smoothie

You’ll never guess there are beans in this super rich and delicious chocolate smoothie. It literally tastes like a chocolate smoothie. I normally add some oats to make it more sustaining for breakfast.

So those are my favourite four On-the-Go Vegan Breakfasts. I try to make these recipes weekly, and they make a huge difference to my mornings.

I’d love to hear what you think of the recipes, or if you have any other tips that you use to make your mornings easier. Make a comment below!

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